Extraordinary health
from hire to retire

A successfully utilised on-site fitness facility

When an employer makes the decision to provide an on-site health and fitness facility they are giving their employees the opportunity to take giant steps on their path to becoming fitter, energised and more effective people. Our aim is to ensure our client's facility is successfully utilised.

We add:

  • personal trainers, class instructors, sports coaching
  • corporate monthly report
  • ongoing feedback & evaluation
  • email advisory support 24/7 for wellbeing, nutrition & exercise
  • marketing & retention plans
  • competitions & challenges
  • management of sport leagues
  • monthly newsletter
  • dedicated web page or content for your facility
  • activities linked to the annual health & wellbeing programme

Email info@fitnut.co.uk to discuss the set-up or refresh of your on-site fitness facility.