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Onsite fitness room gym classes for your employees' wellbeing

Our fitness classes include, but are not limited to, a wide range of activities.

See an example of a weekly schedule:


Fitness classes

dumbbell count = strength level
heart count = cardio level

Fit CC (2 dumbbells, 3 hearts)
Fit CC is a class that incorporated cardio and core exercises. In this class we mix exercises to get you heart rate up with exercises that focus on your stomach and core muscles, designed to reduce body fat and improve muscle tone.

Fit fire (2 dumbbells)
Feel the burn! Fit Fire is a toning and conditioning class designed to push the muscles until you can literally feel the calories burning away!

Fit 4 beginners (1 dumbbell, 1 heart)

This is a simple, sage low intensity and low impact class. Suitable for beginners or for those returning to exercise after a break.

Fit 4 boot camp (3 dumbbells, 3 hearts)

The ultimate outdoor fitness class based on basic military training for men and women who want to build and maintain their fitness. Be prepared for a little mud, sweat and seawater!

Fit 4 circuits (2 dumbbells, 2 hearts)
An old favourite! Station based exercises using equipment and bodyweight to ensure that you get an excellent full body workout!

Fit frenzy (2 dumbbells, 3 hearts)
Dynamic, high intensity workouts from the Insanity 60 day body transformation programme are what make up this class. Big effort for big rewards here with a series of fully body workouts.

Fit HIIT (3 dumbbells, 3 hearts)
This is a physically demanding class using modern high intensity interval training which can improve fitness and body composition while spending less time working out than traditional training methods. Get more from your time working out with this class!

Fit intensity (3 dumbbells, 3 hearts)
High energy and big effort is the key in this choreographed group exercise class. Work with the music to complete simple full body exercises that will lead to big results.

Fit lbt (2 dumbbells)
This conditioning class focuses on your lower body to shape your legs, bum and abdominal region. Using high repetition exercises to help improve lean body mass, the focus is on posture and core stability using your own body weight. A low impact workout suitable for all levels of fitness.

Fit 2 box (1 dumbbell, 2 hearts)

Jab, block and punch your way to fitness in this boxing based class which goes through boxing technique, training drills and group activities. Good fun and hard work at the same time.

Fit 2 box circuits (2 dumbbells, 2 hearts)

A workout that combines boxing moves with cardio exercises. High on energy and interaction this is a fun class for all!

Fit 2 move (2 hearts)
For those who love to dance and get fit at the same time. Choreographed classes that take elements of Zumba and street dance and put them into an engaging fun workout that is suitable for all.

Fit 2 pedal (3 hearts)
This class is a must for all. Build your cardio fitness as part of our Spin cycling class. Work with the music and burn the calories in one of our favourite classes. All fitness levels are welcome.

Fit 2 resist (bands) (1 dumbbell)
This is excellent introduction to resistance training. Use the elasticated bands to perform a series of toning exercises as part of a group exercise class. Suitable for all ability levels.

Fit 2 resist (TRX) (3 dumbbells, 1 heart)
Suspension training using TRX, a system designed by the US Navy seals! Use the bands and your own body to push, pull and lift your way to toning, conditioning and strength.

Fit 2 step (2 dumbbells, 2 hearts)
A choreographed full body class based around using an exercise step to tone the body. Accessible to all ability levels!

Fit 2 the core (2 dumbbells)
Core conditioning based class which focusses on the abs, oblique’s and lower back muscles.

Fun fit
A fun class full of functional fitness for all. Games, challenges and creative exercises will keep you sweating and smiling all the way through this class.

Kettle fit (2 dumbbells, 1 heart)

A full body toning class that uses a variety of kettle bell techniques and bodyweight exercises to give you the best workout!

Metafit (2 dumbbells, 3 hearts)
Metafit is a 30 minute metabolism boosting exercise class that uses non choreographed bodyweight exercises to give you a short sweet high intensity workout. All participants will get an excellent workout from this class!

Plyofit (3 dumbbells, 3 hearts)
The ultimate fitness challenge has arrived. Plyofit is a class of explosive, dynamic movements using equipment and your body to increase strength, power and stamina. A tough workout for all.

Stretch fit (Relax)
Stretch fit focuses on relaxing, improving flexibility and reducing recovery time whilst potentially helping to reduce the risk of injury. This class uses a combination of static and PNF (partner assisted) stretches.

Tabata fit (3 dumbbells, 3 hearts)
The Tabata method consists of 20 seconds of hard training followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8 rounds. This is an excellent workout for improving aerobic and anaerobic systems, endurance and speed.

Yoga fit (1 dumbbell, Relax)
Yoga classes suitable for all ability levels with our Yoga Instructor. Great for flexibility, toning and relaxation.

Zumba fit (2 hearts)
This is a popular fitness program inspired by Latin dance. Using upbeat Latin music together with cardiovascular exercise, Zumba is an aerobic dance class that is lots of fun and easy to learn. Suitable for all levels.

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