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Health and fitness considerations for Saturation divers

Saturation diving is a physically demanding occupation and those undertaking it must maintain peak condition in order to perform to the best of their abilities. However, with prolonged periods of subsea work and living in a pressurised hyperbaric chamber, and minimal research undertaken into such a unique set of physiological and psychological stressors, so much is unknown regarding the response of the body to these elements and the subsequent effect on their health, wellbeing and performance.


divingfit - designed by scientists, delivered by experts

In 2013 that knowledge disparity was recognised by the government, through Innovate UK, which provided £134,000 of research and development funding, in association with Robert Gordon University, to develop a pioneering product.  This product now forms part of Fitnut’s Offshore Health Solutions service that assists in revolutionising the way the industry operates when it comes to the health and wellbeing of subsea workers. 

divingfit is the result of an evidence based project, involving world leading organisations in subsea engineering, diving industry experts, dieticians, physical activity experts, psychologists and physiologists.

divingfit is a bespoke and unique scientific programme that provides saturation divers with the correct physiological, nutritional and psychological education and support to enable them, through maximising their health, performance and wellbeing, to make a significant and measurable positive difference to the way they live and work.

In essence, our aims are twofold:-

1. To enhance the health and wellbeing of saturation divers for a long and prosperous career offshore and active life onshore

2. To maximise safety and productivity of saturation divers by focusing on the human body

We offer an exceptional service which analyses the needs of your divers, vessels and business' health, physical activity and nutritional practices, if your company could benefit from a free needs analysis assessment please email info@fitnut.co.uk.