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12 weeks to improve employees’ health and support local charities

The Charity Challenge is a 12-week programme, created by fitnut, to encourage employees to improve their health and fitness and in doing so, reduce their risk of lifestyle diseases and increase their energy levels.


Our unique workplace challenge

Our workplace challenge introduces your staff to the benefits of setting small and simple goals to bring about lifestyle changes.

The Charity Challenge starts with a 30-minute health check that measures:

This health check is repeated at the mid-way and end of the programme and each participant receives a personalised visual report allowing them to track personal improvements.

Access to online information for participants

During the programme, participants receive access to online information to keep them motivated to improve their health and fitness.

Charity donations

All participants are encouraged to donate to the charity pot and at the end of the programme the most improved participant chooses which charity will receive the money.

If your aim is to improve employees' wellbeing and 'give something back' via a Charity Challenge programme please email us at info@fitnut.co.uk.

Client feedback:

"This service provided an accurate and well informed examination of my health and fitness levels in a relaxed and comfortable environment. An individual can learn a lot about their own wellbeing in a short 30 minute session which can be the beginning of a change for life." - D.B., Aker Subsea