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Liver & Lung testing feedback:

"Never understood how much information we can get from such a simple test which could easy change your whole life in 5 min. Just don’t know how this test wasn’t offered by the NHS"

"It was informative in terms of defining the importance of the liver on overall wellbeing. Results obtained help define potential areas of lifestyle to focus on."

"Its not something you would normally go to your doctors for and ask to get done. It can also pick up any underlying issues you may have, and hopefully get them treated quicker."

"Excellent, friendly, important and informative service... All the better that its free to employees... thank you."

Lifestyle health checks feedback:

"Great service and investment of time. Thank you"

"It has helped me keep a check on my health and seek advice on healthy living habits"

"The health check is very detailed and relevant, accommodating differences in race and body types. Also the report provided is very user friendly and easy to identify and visualise the results"

"Quick, straightforward, clear explanations... prevention is key! I see this health check like my annual MOT"

"It's an excellent opportunity to ascertain how fit and healthy 'you' are in a non pressure environment whilst gaining excellent advice on areas where 'you' can improve upon health and fitness."

Fitness testing feedback:

"I realised that I was needing information, motivation and enthusiasm to address my fitness requirements. Martina and Simon are brilliant tutors, who certainly have all of the above qualities. I really enjoy my training sessions, chats and advice given"

"It's a great opportunity to regularly check how much you are progressing in fitness. I plan to do this every 6 weeks where possible"

"This gave me a baseline of current fitness and health to be able to work from for future tests"

Programme sessions feedback:

"Helpful and very knowledgeable, great tips and advice on diet too"

"After discussing my objectives and constraints with Chelsea she provided me with a manageable, enjoyable program that is easy to follow and progress. Everything was explained clearly to me and we also had a couple of follow up discussions regarding progress. Have already recommended the service to others"

"Noticing progress in a number of areas following the introduction of the plan. Well crafted and well explained - happy to recommend and already have done so to a few colleagues"

"My advisor was highly informative, friendly & helpful, this made my experience comfortable and I felt I gained a lot of knowledge from him"

"Very welcoming, doesn't take too much of your own time, was a structured session with clear objectives agreed"