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Health and fitness professionals

Penny Elliott, Director and chief strategist
Penny Elliott, Director and chief strategist

Our clients are global, but we provide local health and fitness professionals to ensure a closer bond with employees and a greater relationship with the client.

Each service that we provide is created from our clients demands – we make it convenient, informative, interactive and fun!  Healthy Living Days, webinars and workshops are the perfect solution for a large audience.

One to one lifestyle health checks can save lives. 

Workplace Wellbeing

Fitnut is the leader in Workplace Wellbeing and one of the largest and most experienced providers in Europe, helping companies to improve performance and reduce absenteeism while pushing up productivity because of greater wellness and energy levels.  We are the supplier of choice for customised wellbeing programmes and services especially in high-risk environments.

Our health and fitness professionals work to make a positive difference to the communities in which we operate. 

Great health and living actively isn’t about building muscles or breaking records. It’s about energy and vitality. It’s that indefinable, but utterly incredible feeling you get from being fit and healthy at any age!

To start putting your workplace health plan together email info@fitnut.co.uk.