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Inactivity 'kills more than obesity' says BBC Health News


According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a lack of exercise could be killing twice as many people as obesity in Europe. This alarming finding is the result of a 12-year study of more...Read more

Charity health challenge sweeps the North East


Nineteen charities have benefited from donations of almost £6,000 ahead of the festive period thanks to the success of a healthy living challenge devised by fitnut, an Aberdeen based workplace health and wellbeing company. This...Read more

64% of UK employers agree that a healthy workforce is a more productive one


A recent study conducted by Bupa has found that 64% of UK employers agreed that a healthy workforce is a more productive one. However, two in five (40%) UK employees say their employer offers no health or wellbeing benefits,...Read more

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