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We make people healthier, fitter, slimmer, sexier and happier.

We do this by educating and supporting your employees to make informed health choices.

Our team of specialists include personal trainers, dietitians, chiropractors, nurses, psychologists, doctors and health promotion experts. We shape lives and we love what we do!


Why test grip strength?


People often ask us why we measure grip strength as a health indicator as part of fitnut Lifestyle Health Checks, Xpress Health Checks and Charity Challenge Health Checks. To that we answer: reduced muscular strength, which can...Read more

Win a £100 voucher with fitnuts referral scheme


We are excited to launch the new fitnut referral scheme to give all our current followers the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher!A ll you have to do to qualify is refer a colleague or friend to fitnut who does not currently...Read more

Weight management programme success story: Gillian Bates


Gillian Bates began the fitnut Weight Management Programme on 3rd November 2014. After 6 weeks she lost 3.6kg (7.9lbs) and following the programme she lost a further 6kg (13.2lbs) bringing her total weight loss to 9.6kg...Read more

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